Using Technology to Improve Patient Care

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Medpeds Associates of Sarasota has a state of the art computer system that improves our service to our patients, as well as the medical community. We closely track our patient’s healthcare needs and store medical records, or “charts”, electronically. This enables us to better keep track of a patient’s unique healthcare needs, deliver diagnostic results promptly, and coordinate care more efficiently. Medpeds Associates of Sarasota was one of the first medical offices in Sarasota to operate completely electronically. In 2009, less than 2 percent of medical offices nationwide use electronic medical records systems!

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal enables real-time collaboration between patients, providers and referring physicians, allowing our patients to share healthcare information in a highly secure, HIPAA compliant environment. From requesting refills, viewing lab results and accessing educational information, the patient portal delivers vital care information directly to our patients’ desktop to help ensure maximum patient satisfaction while eliminating preventable errors.


  • At-will access to personalized care information empowers patients to be more proactive in managing their conditions.
  • Simplified disease management with automated, condition specific messages, reminders and alerts.
  • Improved patient safety and compliance with treatments through online medication instructions, alerts, warnings and recalls.
  • Instant access to lab results, radiology reports and procedure information helps develop patient understanding and reduces response time.
  • On-line patient education programs help patients better understand their conditions and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Electronic Prescribing, better known as E-Prescribing, is the use of computers to improve the safety and efficiency of the prescribing process. The E-Prescribing system allows Medpeds Associates of Sarasota to transmit prescriptions directly from the patient’s EMR to their selected pharmacy. In turn, the pharmacy can then electronically transmit patient requests for refills in a timely manner. This integration reduces duplication and errors in transcribing medical prescriptions.

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